“I wish ephemeral took longer” Penone

I’m looking after the occasion, a world of “floating time” between what there is and there is not. Christine Buci-Glucksman says in Esthetique de l’éphemère that to be able to capture the favourable moment, you need to be attentive; you should spy, sneak upon, and dissimulate.
A plaid is covering the couch. Fabrics find their places by habits or by accidents. I wanted to let them move. It is a collection of blankets, which refer to our human body and our daily life pattern. The plaid creates a soft wall, a space to hide under, to look at your surroundings. The function is there, but it can also live for itself like an object or a domestic sculpture. The fabric becomes alive by two holes. The eyes give the sign of the use; give the story on this large and free fabric. The eyes are made through the fabric showing the beauty of hiding. The user is merging into the fabric, gets lost in his room. The border becomes vague, they merge and melt. The textile takes the shape; you become the furniture and stop the time. It is an object performance. This collection creates potential situations or utopian spaces. It is the ordinary, which it is not. And by this dissimulation, you can catch occasional events which will grow from the border.